A little about me

I’ve been fascinated by pregnancy and birth since witnessing a birth as a young child. When I became pregnant with my daughter, I researched pregnancy and parenting, but not labor. After she was born, I realized how uninformed I had been. It was a birth steered by doctors, with several unexpected interventions. There is nothing wrong with letting doctors guide you, but I knew I wanted something different when I became pregnant with my son nine months later. I dove into research on birth and labor so I could have an informed and empowered birth, not one handed to me. It is important to remember that we cannot control our births, but we can do many things to empower ourselves and make informed decisions along the way.

After my son was born, my husband and I knew we wouldn’t have any more children. However, I found myself still researching pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding and knew I wanted to do something more in the world of birth. In January of 2015, I took a leap of faith and enrolled myself in the Childbirth International program and completed the program the following June.

My husband and I have two fantastic children of our own (four and five years old), who are always coming up with new ways to baffle and entertain us. They have shown me a new appreciation for life, and how to love the little things around us. We also took in my husband’s brother and sister (thirteen and seventeen years old), and they are two incredible and loving teens. We enjoy time in the outdoors as a family and running around with our two chocolate labs (Cabela is 8, Luna is 3).