So what is this doula thing anyway?

The word doula comes from the Greek meaning ‘a woman who serves’. A doula is trained to assist a mother and her partner during labor, and often times before and after labor. Our goal is to help the mother be confident in her decisions and to experience a safe birth, whether it be un-medicated, medicated, or cesarean.

During the actual birth process, a doula can help you track your progress, decide when to call your midwife or hospital, and work alongside your partner to assist in managing pain with positioning, massage, and other natural techniques. We are also great at fetching snacks, keeping you hydrated, and reminding you to breath and let go of the contractions.

After birth, doulas can assist in the first moments of breastfeeding and bonding with mom and dad, as well as other family members. The list of things a doula can and will do goes on and on, but please keep in mind I cannot and do not perform any clinical services (i.e. blood pressure checks, fetal heartbeat monitoring, vaginal exams, etc.), nor do I make decisions for you or speak on your behalf.




noun a woman who is trained to assist another woman during childbirth and who may provide support to the family after the baby is born.

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Postpartum doula services coming soon!

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New mom (postpartum) kit:

A basket of items that are great for your postpartum recovery, and to help make your transition into parenting a new little one a bit easier.

Breastfeeding essentials kit:

Essential items you may need to get started on your breastfeeding journey!

New sibling kit:

Exciting basket full of goodies for the new big brother/sister in the family. Item’s to keep siblings occupied during feeding times, and fun activities to do together while new baby sleeps.