Having Amanda as our doula was one of the best decisions we made about this pregnancy. She is dedicated, attentive, encouraging, and present throughout the entire process from pregnancy to post partum. Since this is our first baby, we felt the need to have a little extra support and knowledge in the room with us, and I could not have imagined how it would have turned out without her by my side.

During labor, there were a few times where communication was misunderstood between me and the medical staff at the hospital, but because Amanda had exhaustively explained and learned about our preferences beforehand, she was able to more effectively communicate to the medical staff while I was not in the position to do so coherently.

Partners, if you are reading this, let me be honest and say that my husband was a bit skeptical about hiring a doula at first but now he is a total believer. She is caring and patient, none of my questions were stupid or dumb, and she never made me feel like I was bothering her with my boatloads of questions throughout the pregnancy. Thank you Amanda for being the best doula and a total blessing to us!

*Portrait by Jami West

Selina and Richard

Doula’s are the best!! And Amanda is amazing!! I wish I had found her for my first birth!  I really felt like I didn’t have to remember or worry about anything because she totally had it all covered!! She was super prepared for anything and everything—like the Mary Poppins of Doula’s, you never know what’s going to magically appear out of her bag!

During labor, there were a few moments when I had no idea what the doctors were asking or I simply couldn’t speak (pain) and she knew my birth plan and myself, so well, that she literally read my mind and answered for me! Worth every penny right there alone!! My husband was also extremely glad we went with Amanda, he was much more relaxed knowing she was around, always super prepared (snacks, water, chapstick, mints, chicken nuggets, oils, etc), to help me, especially when he didn’t know what to do to help.  She documented the entire birth and every little detail and even took the first family photo, which was a blessing as we have no family in town.

She gives you honest answers and never discourages or persuades you from the birth experience you desire. She is nothing but positive and encouraging support from beginning  to end! She is the sweetest person and I’m so glad I found her! I highly recommend and would never go through another birth without her!!

Stephanie and Curtis

I knew when I had my second baby I had to have a doula. I had a long labor with my first and then the baby was whisked away, along with my husband, and I was left alone. Going into it a second time I knew that having the support would take a lot of the pressure off of my husband and give me comfort in knowing that someone experienced would be there to back me up.

That being said, I had no idea where I was going to find a doula. As luck would have it, Amanda’s ad popped up on a local community forum and I knew it was a sign. I was only about 6 weeks along, but we set up our first meeting. I was a bit nervous to meet a stranger who would potentially be apart of one of the biggest days in my life. But I was put at ease the moment I met Amanda. She was so sweet and had such a calm manner about her. I felt like I had known her forever, the conversation was so easy. Best decision I made.

When the big day came Amanda was there, offering comfort and support. She knew just what I needed and made sure that I was taken care of. My husband loved that the pressure was off of him to know what to do. He even got to take a couple of breaks and eat. Knowing I was taken care of was a huge relief for him. We love Amanda and are so thankful to have had her at the birth of our second daughter. If ever I get pregnant again, I know the first call that I will be making.

Annie and Tyler

Amanda was a wonderful doula! Although she was just starting off, she was easy to get ahold of and very knowledgeable.

We met a few times during the months before my due date to discuss a birth plan. She went over all of the important information to include possible complications, the shots and eye ointment offered at birth, and tips for after our baby arrives. My labor was short but gained intensity quickly. I let Amanda know when my water broke (late in the evening), but since things weren’t too intense at the time and because I was fortunate enough to have my husband and sister by my side, we decided to meet up at the birth center a few hours later. She arrived within minutes after we did and provided a needed break for my husband. She helped make sure that both my husband and I were staying hydrated and fed as often as possible. I wanted to use essential oils during my labor and Amanda was right on top of it! She even brought a heat pack and other items to help me along.

After our daughter arrived, Amanda offered immediate breast-feeding support. She was also available for answering lots of questions after we returned home. We are very thankful for her support before, during, and after the arrival of our little one.

*Portrait by Charity Erikson

Stevi and Kendrick

Hiring Amanda as my doula was one of the best decisions I could have made during my pregnancy! She was an invaluable resource, answering all of my first time mom questions, putting me at ease every time I thought something was wrong, and giving my husband the piece of mind that we could do this. She was respectful of what I wanted but also was there for me every time I changed my mind. Where I appreciated her the most, was during the birth of my son. She was like a rock in her unwavering support. I had an amazing team and I never felt alone. I’m glad she was there to instruct my husband on how to support me the best, and to remind me to take care of myself since the labor process was very arduous for me. There is no doubt who I will call when we are ready for number two.

*Portrait by Jamilah Newcomer

Marissa and Jeff